The Reading Road Trip

We are going on a road trip! Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a truly memorable experience. Checkers takes the students on an adventure, as he describes the books that inspired him, as well as the many benefits associated with reading.

The Students will learn How Reading:

 Improves creativity

 helps us be healthy

 Brings us Together

 teaches us new things

 Inspired Checkers to write his own book

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Target age Range: 3-12

Learning Objectives: Reading, Healthy Living, Science Experiments, Creativity


Memorable Characters: Checkers, Snoozer, and all other associated characters are fully realized characters with personalities. They have been created as role models that children can relate to and connect with in a way that lasts beyond the 45 minute performance.

Storyline: The show features an original storyline that the children can follow and engage in. The storyline format also increases attentiveness. 

Custom Set and Props: Our performance features 

a custom, airbrushed props that provide a visually appealing, unique design to our program. This custom set helps build investment from the children.

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