In this high energy program, children will assist Checkers as he races to prepare Snoozer for his exciting journey through space. Along the way, they will learn core principles of science and space with emphasis on the role they play in our everyday lives.

Runtime: 45 Minutes

Target age Range: 3-12

Learning Objectives: Reading, Healthy Living, Science Experiments, Creativity


Memorable Characters: Checkers, Snoozer, and all other associated characters are fully realized characters with personalities. They have been created as role models that children can relate to and connect with in a way that lasts beyond the 45 minute performance.

Storyline: The show features an original space themed storyline that the children can follow and engage in. The storyline format also increases attentiveness. 

Custom Set and Props: Our performance features 

a custom, airbrushed props that provide a visually appealing, unique design to our program. This program features props associated with space including a six feet tall rocket ship, a light tower, and rotating platforms.

After Show Activities

No Checkers the Inventor program is complete without after show activities. These activities build on the engagement formed in the live show and provide truly educational learning materials.

At the end of this performance, all children are given a badge with a secret code on it. The code gives them access to our exclusive web-page filled with supplementary learning activities

Online Videos: Booking this live performance gives you access to a series of 5 online videos that tie in with the live performance. They build on the topics and dive deeper into the subject matter. For this performance the videos will be about, eclipses, planetary rotation, making bubbles at home, space food, and energy/electricity.

Children's Book: Our new children's book, Checkers and Snoozer: Snoozer's Science Adventure, is a direct tie in to this program. We donate two copies of our book to whichever establishment books our performance. The children will also have an opportunity to bring their own copy of the book home with them. The book is intended to further develop children's fascination with space, science, and learning.

Short Film: We have produced a short film with the Rochester Strong National Museum of Play! This film directly follows the events of the live show and serves as a payoff to the story built up in the performance. It premieres on July 20th!

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